Death’s Head Tattoo – Mark Lanegan

Mark’s Gargoyle album got me all a flutter on release. I featured Beehive on these pages at the time and parped on about THE VOICE, the cold Bunnymen feel in the production and the ominous tone this incarnation of his band struck.

At it’s most post Screaming Trees, Gargoyle starts with this loaded storm cloud of a tune. Mark has long borne comparisons to The Grunge Nick Cave. This only confirms you’re back in Preacher tinged territory where Johnny Cash and Leonard Cohen collide with the dark side of the 80’s.

“Wild thing, see the monkey in jungle swing, the canary in the cabin sing but the devil is in anything, come on people you know I ain’t got the wherewithal

The percussion is a relentless clatter kept low in the mix. but here are places in the track where that’s all you’ve got to follow. A red thread running between the dust and dirt and shadows

“If I cry for you baby your death’s head tattoo made me pray for the last one standing holding a loaded gun, I can see you there under the golden sun”

It’s a great album opener and at this stage of the year it’s one of the songs I’m going to remember 2017 for.




One thought on “Death’s Head Tattoo – Mark Lanegan

  1. One of my favourite tracks this year, too. I was initially a bit disappointed with Gargoyle, but it’s really grown on me quite a bit.


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