Blue Snow – Orange Goblin

What I love about Orange Goblin is their dedication to the cause. The Cause is Heavy Metal and they are purists. They’re not Thrash, Doom, Stoner (don’t argue with me), Hair, Death, Nu, Prog, Black, Grind, Industrial, Sludge or Viking. They’re Heavy. Heavy Metal, Heavy Metal, Heavy Metal. And nothing at all to do with the New Romantics.

What I love about Blue Snow is how beautifully it aims for the heart of that genre and yet is distinctly no one but Orange Goblin.

Those flat flat thudding drums can only be Orange Goblin. That diesel engine bass is totally Orange Goblin and the layers of metal upon metal that build one instrument at a time until you have the growl of Ben Ward ending every line in “Bay-be!” is entirely Orange Fucking Goblin.

Live this band deliver everything a metal fan could wish for from a show. A sense of community, of mischief and of occasion. They embrace every trope from monsters on the album sleeves to motorbike sound effects in the intro like they’re essential ingredients.

Orange Goblin approach Heavy Metal the way your Mum approaches Christmas dinner. Of course you’re having Turkey. The big bird is a given. Yet, you couldn’t have a proper Christmas dinner without bread sauce, roast parsnips, pigs in blankets and brussels.

So it is with Orange Goblin. There’s denim, leather, skulls on the front, venues on the back, the hairs long, the beards full the sound; metal.

“Blue snow may fall in your dreams, Baby, But let me tell you those dreams come true, hard to believe as it seems, Baby, this wonderland was just built for me and you”


There’s another Christmas analogy involving gobbling oranges from your stocking in here somewhere. But I’m going to let you know I was gracious enough to leave it out of the review. Merry Christmas


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