Eiffel Tower High – Hüsker Dü

Welcome to Bob Mould Season. We’re starting with Hüsker Dü because the Indie Punk Icon who is Sir Bob of Mould first registered as lead screamer, guitar player and visionary of this seminal 80’s college rock band.

Let’s play rock family tree for a minute. Pre Nirvana there were 4 American alternative bands that mattered when it came to keep rock real and keeping it alive.

R.E.M had the smarts and the musical dexterity to help rock evolve. While in the main stream hair metal was trying it’s best to drag things back into the primordial soup.

Pixies were keeping things nice and weird. Throwing together surrealism and Spanish to make their messy proto grunge.

The Replacements had the party angle covered. Essentially drunks with a rock and roll problem they made sure it was still dangerous and hedonistic to be a rocker.

Then there was Hüsker Dü. Punk rock with hard core leanings, but fused with sweet sweet melodies buried deep in the noise. As political as R.E.M, as fun as The Replacements and as unusual as Pixies.

Grant Hart, Greg Norton and Bob Mould toiled all the 80’s long making records that were full of mighty music constrained by bad production. By 1985 they’d singed with Warners. Their major label debut Candy Apple Grey is considered a classic record by fans. As it happens, I’m a fan. So it’s also considered a classic by me.

Eifel Tower High is a sugar rush of a tune. It’s lyrics tell the tale of getting lost in the movie while at the cinema. It plays like a punk rock Yellow Rose Of Cairo.

The infectious chorus of “I scream, Ice Cream, Ice Cream”  brilliantly off set with the backing vocal melodies of the song title.

Fun Fact Footnote: Without the heavy metal umläut’s the band added, Hüsker Dü translates as ‘Do You Remember?’ in Norwegian.

4 thoughts on “Eiffel Tower High – Hüsker Dü

  1. A very fine song indeed. An interesting pick of important American alternative bands… hard to disagree, I guess, but I’d throw in a 5th. Jane’s Addiction. Proper awesomeness.

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