We’ve Had Enough – Alkaline Trio

One thing that unites fans of Alternative music is the belief that mainstream music is terrible. It’s usually the same clarion call for every die hard music obsessive you meet. They heard their first ‘real band’, be it a gateway rock act like GNR or Oasis or something heavier like RATM or Metallica and ‘The scales were lifted from my eyes’ suddenly everything they’d heard on the radio before sounded like cynical regurgitated nursery rhymes.

Tales of kids ditching the top 40 because they couldn’t relate to what they were hearing (cue The Smiths) for bands who spoke directly to them and eruditely for them (Eminem, Wu Tang, Belle & Sebastian, The Killers) fill the bars and theaters when the mid level bands come to town.

Pop Punk is one such gateway. You can like Green Day or Bowling For Soup without knowing who Crass and Johnny Thunders were.

Alkaline Trio then. They populate the same head-space as all the other Warped Tour type bands. Their particular mix is a slightly harder edged (or harder drinking) Blink 182 with a wide streak of The Damned’s gothy elements and a gallows humour straight out of EC Comics.

We’ve Had Enough is an anthem for everyone who has hated being force fed the top 40. As choruses go, I can get behind

“That’s it we’ve had enough, please turn that fucking radio off, ain’t nothing on the airwaves for the despair we feel”

Like 100% I can get behind that.

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