The Ballad Of The Kingsmen – Todd Snider

The full history of rock and roll in the 20th century and the censorship of it. In one five minute country ballad. Starting from Louie Louie and heading all the way to Eminem this narrative is told from the perspective of the Parent Teacher Association, The FBI and the man on the street.

If you’re not really a fan of Country music you may not know Todd Snider. If you’ve ever counted yourself as a fan of real rock and roll. You’ll love the moment he sings

“Hey Kids! Let’s get it on”

This record oozes charm, cool and knowledge. It’s Woke Country and it’s Rock and Roll History.

“And it’s the feel good hit of the endless summer that gets these kids out of control”

Citing the atrocities of war, the brutality inherent in the school system and the motivations of would be rock stars, Todd gives his insights into why Rock And Roll is a culture worthy of protection rather than a threat to the fabric of society.

He speaks (and it is speaking for the most part of the song) insightfully and intelligently of the establishments fear of what it doesn’t understand. He speaks of youthful passion and of the importance of artistic expression in a world which will ban dance moves or legislate against songs at the same time it commits and broadcasts human right atrocities ‘Every night at six o’clock’. Decade in, decade out.

Todd Snider comes across as the voice of common sense. He’s not hectoring or ranting. He’s just chilling and speaking his mind.

You rock fans will love it when he sings

“Oh Maya, Make Ah, Awoo Ah!”


One thought on “The Ballad Of The Kingsmen – Todd Snider

  1. I think Snider’s immediate wit and his ability to break ideas down to easily relatable anecdotes and stories allow him to draw in fans of tons of genres. The guy is just a remarkable songwriter, and no matter what genre you are into, you’re into good songs!


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