Christmas Song – Joyzipper

This spacey piece of trip pop is the least Christmassy song to bear the title Christmas Song. Sure it’s about love and it references gifts but the cool in the sunshine vibe just says lazing in the park not Eggnog and Frosty.

“I need you more than the rain in springtime, love you more than the open sea”

Joyzipper sneak their way onto seasonal playlists when ‘bots do the DJing. I love their New York cool and their mumblecore delivery. 2003’s American Whip album is full of easy slacker jangle pop like Christmas Song. But slip this on at the office Christmas do and watch the seasonal cheer evaporate.

“You understand my every weakness, I love you more than a thousand Christmases”

Sad slackers who wear sunglasses indoors need their Christmas songs too. If Bill ever sequels A Very Murray Christmas, Netflix should look these guys up.

I’ve got this on repeat until the whole shebang is over.

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