Beautifully Unconventional – Wolf Alice

OK. I know I do a song a day usually. But come on! It’s New Years Eve!

So here it is. Steve For The Deaf’s top 12 songs of the year (that didn’t already get posted this year). How’s that for a category? Songs so great I waited until the last few hours of the year to tell you about them! No no no… This isn’t the years bargain bin. This is Pop.

So fleeting is the nature of pop and indie zeitgeist what you’re listening to in September can be old hat by January. So it is that Wolf Alice popped up a couple of times on the site in 2017.

I gave props to their debut album (which is now old enough to have a smidge of hindsight applied to it) one week and then, they dropped Yuk Foo! So I posted that too, all a flutter that their comeback single was not a big radio friendly dancearama but a blast of furious punk noise!

Yuk Foo predated the album proper by a couple of months. When Visions Of A Life was released in late September, the big radio friendly dancearama they used to promote it was this… Credit where it’s due.

Wolf Alice are a brilliantly diverse and consistently great band. Beautifully Unconventional is no exception. And the video’s cute. Very Transvision Vamp.

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