Blood Brothers – Iron Maiden

SteveForTheDeaf has taken up a fair bit of my spare time in 2017. I sit and I write about this stuff because I don’t get to hang out in the pub with music fans waiting for the band to come on every night like I used to before I was married. When my wife is in bed sleeping in on a Saturday morning or when I’m supposed to be checking the spreadsheets and other things that come with a laptop and a job, sometimes I jot down how I feel about the music I am hearing. And I put it on WordPress.

SteveForTheDeaf is a one sided pub chat looking for a response. Occasionally, in fits and starts I’ve found it. From 2Loud2Old to Misfit Vinegaroon to Deke at Stick It In Your Ear to Speedy Sailor and the Stuff And That crew other WordPress bloggers have had some things to say about some things I had to say.

So the last song of 2017 goes to the band I loved the most before I knew much else about music. Iron Maiden were a first love. They were the band I went head over heels for at the right age. Then I got cool (yeah right). They split up (well they changed singer) and the 90’s happened.

Then they came back (or Bruce came back) and they started doing undeniably good work again. I was older though. So I didn’t take their new stuff to my heart the way I did Seventh Son and Piece Of Mind. Not until maybe Coming Home from the Final Frontier.

So I got talking on here to Deke, TurntableTalk and 2 Loud 2 Old about this new Maiden live album and the passage of time and how good the band are these days and Blood Brothers came into conversation. It’s not a new song anymore. It’s 15 years old. Blimey.

How did a song from the comeback trail get so old?

I’m choosing this track for several reasons. Iron Maiden were the first big festival show I saw at Donington in ’88. I was there when they recorded the live at Donington album in ’92. I love live music. I love the special feeling you get in crowd when you’re all singing the same chorus.

This version from the 300th live album released by Iron Maiden was recorded at Donington last year. On the Book Of Souls Tour. I was there again. It was a tough show. It was summer in the UK so it pissed with rain and howled with wind and spewed mud out of the earth. Maiden unified the 70,000 fans. They played new songs, they played 80’s classics and then they played this new old song to a rapturous reception. And… Bruce said a thing.

So I hope you enjoyed 2017. Here’s Bruce…

“The message that we send is that no matter how many people you try and kill, life love laughter and music will go on and will go on and will go on… My friends we are Blood Brothers.”

2 thoughts on “Blood Brothers – Iron Maiden

  1. Great Track. When me and my bro were driving down to see Maiden last June we were listening to En Vivio and when Blood Brothers came on it was the first time he had heard it. My Bro loved it….I said guess what? You will hear it live tonight!

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  2. I think Blood Brothers is quite overrated. There are many other better songs on Brave New World that don’t get enough attention. The cynic in me says it’s popularity stems from the subject matter and what that lends itself to

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