Feet Don’t Fail Me – Queens Of The Stone Age

Queens are really good at openers. Look at their pedigree. Millionaire may be one of the greatest Heavy Metal opening tracks of all time. This Lullaby is a creepy acoustic sucker punch before they bring out the big rock cannons and Feel Good Hit Of The Summer is as close to a manifesto the nasty little gutter punks in the crowd need to know where the rest of the show is heading.

You could make a case for Regular John on the debut album doing the same thing, the sleaze, the groove, the libidinous intent to do bad things in dark spaces is all there.

But in 2013 QOTSA bucked their own trend and they put a directionless dirge up front as a slow crawling suck fest led you into one of their greatest albums. Keep Your Eyes Peeled seemed to be there to put off the casual fans. It’s an awful track blocking entry to a wonderful album.

So this year I was cautious when Josh and his Merry Men came back out with a new record which from the outside looks very much like a companion piece to …Like Clockwork. Would they bury the lead a second time?

No such chance. From the eerie Hammer Horror inflections rising out of a slow fade into THAT moment when you’re hit by a dawning realisation… We dancin’

Feet Don’t Fail Me is the sound of The Universal Monsters having a barn dance. It’s has a glam rock stomp and Josh’s now customary falsetto. It knows it’s absurd, and that’s why it’s cool. This may be their finest opening song.

It’s going to the front of the 2017 mix tape. There can be no higher recommendation.

4 thoughts on “Feet Don’t Fail Me – Queens Of The Stone Age

  1. Love this one. Tubeway Army meets yon Led Zeppelin here. Friends who weren’t convinced by The Way You Used To Do we’re won over by this one.

    Also, I really like Keep Your Eyes Peeled. Perfect opener.


  2. You do? (Re: Keep Your Eyes Peeled) I saw it as a real challenge. They really did seem to say “suffer this clunking dirge and you will be rewarded” it’s the only QOTSA song I’ve bee had a problem with but I love how it’s sitting there at the gates of the record like a sentinel.

    And yes Tubeway Army is a perfect pint of reference. Nailed it J


    1. Yeah – I just love the drunken chug of the guitars… sounds pretty much like an old robot that’s been restarted. Which may be intentional. A metaphor for QotSA’s return, or for Homme’s return after the reported troublesome health related issues). Or maybe I’m just looking into it a tad too much. But I really am fond of it… it’s one of my favourite’s from the album (and their catalogue).

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