Set It All Free – Scarlett Johansson

I often find myself pottering around the kitchen in the mornings on the weekend humming a tune as I make breakfast for Mrs ForTheDeaf and fill giant mugs with copious refills of coffee.

For several months it’ would be just a ‘doo-doo dah’ and the tapping of a foot while the back of my mind searched with a flashlight through the recall-record collection trying to place it.

“I boo boo bah, doo doodle fire, nah nah down by desire…”

Feed the Dogs ForTheDeaf

“All Free All Free All Free”

Let the dogs out.

“Hi Brain, Steve here. What are we singing?”

‘Hi Steve, this is Brain. Drink coffee please, then we can talk’

“This is my big hello, this is my oh oh oh”

‘Are you singing Taylor Swift?’

Let the dogs back in…

“Dunno Brain I’m asking you. It’s cooler than Tay Tay though. I’m sure of that”

‘Is it one of those girl punk bands you love like The Donnas or Potty Mouth?’

“Nope! This is my Kiss goodbye, stand alone and watch me fly”

‘It’s Pale Waves isn’t it?’

“No Brain I don’t think it is”

‘Is it The Van T’s? Hey Charlie? The Dirty Denims? The Regrettes?’

“No Brain, You’re way off with those.”

‘It’s Avril Lavigne!’

“It’s not bloody Avril Lavigne.”

‘Is it Rise Against? You bought their album a few months back and still can’t tell one track from another’

“Is it? It might be. It’s got a nice radio friendly pop punk feel to it. And it’s not Less Than Jake before you ask.”

‘Well you have been obsessed with Less Than Jake these last few months’

“Set It All Free All Free All Free”

‘You’re no help at all’

“I know what it is!”

‘Yep me too’

“Ladies and Gentlemen. The pop punk single of the year, Set It All Free by ‘That cartoon hedgehog in a leather jacket from the film about Animals doing a singing competition. What is wrong with me?

‘Set it all free’

“All free all free”

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