Two Birds – The Bronx

At the time of writing this is the song I have caned most in 2017. Two Birds has become my go to jam for getting going in the mornings (I’m an early riser). It’s also my go to jam for getting it together to go out, for walking the dogs and for pepping things up when I’m flagging. Two Birds rules 2017.

When The Bronx V album dropped in September I was about to jump on a long haul flight for a work trip. This 32 minute album made the whole trip worth while. This track in particular stood out (I think it was the second single after the preview track Sore Throat, which I have described elsewhere on this site as like getting an early Birthday present)

Two Birds is The Bronx at their most melodic and poppy. There’s a special feature in The Bronx when it comes to the melodic. They can hide the catchiest tunes in their fury. When they’re not being furious and just grooving the peppiness rises to the fore.

Not that this is a lightweight endeavour you understand. Two Birds is a hefty item. But it’s a hell of a tune. They continue to mix Metal, Punk, Pop and Hard Core while commanding the respect of each fanbase of each genre. And they’re still the best live band you could ever hope to see.

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