Wall Of Glass – Liam Gallagher

Now I like a bit of mainstream pop as much of the next man. As long as the next man is Noel Gallagher and the idea of a main stream pop band has at the minimum: a musician among their ranks.

We all know Noel was the driving heart of Oasis. He was the song writier, the tactician and the talent. And yet even I have to admit it, Liam was very good at being a rock star. The problem up to this point has been reconciling the two things. A rock star without hits or without a band is just a celebrity. I have quite a few problems with those.

Liam stayed funny, stayed in the spot light, stayed fashionable and connected but, he was in danger of there being a generation of kids who knew who he was but not why he was famous.

So it took a team or writers, a failed attempt and a decade in the wilderness for Liam to get his shit together and make a decent record in a post Oasis world. But as mainstream pop hits go, I’m sure even his big brother would agree, Wall of Glass is a banger.

It’s a harmonica led glam rock stomp that muscles it’s way into your field of vision with a bold and simple Pavlovian trick.

You let him have this. You let that ‘waaawaaawaa’ harp and the accusatory lyrics into you heads and he’ll repay you with the rush of a middle eight better than most choruses and a chorus like a terrace chant.

“You been keepin’ secrets in ya’, you’ve been keeping paraphernalia, oh I think you know anyone can walk up to ya’, anyone can see right through your eyes”

You only need to hear it twice and it’s locked in there for good. A month later near kicking out time you’d swear this tune was ‘your jam’. However, by the time you get to that chorus you know it’s not just yours

“And I don’t mean to be unkind but I see what’s in your mind and the stone you throw will turn back in its path one day you’ll shatter like a wall of glass
Waaaaaalllll of glaaaassssss”

That? That’s for everyone.

As you were.



5 thoughts on “Wall Of Glass – Liam Gallagher

  1. Another gem of a write-up. I’m a big fan of Oasis, esp. Morning Glory, but did not know of the existence of this song. Thanks for the pointer. No need to tell you to keep that faith; I know you will. Cheers.

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