Winona Forever – Creeper

Eternity In Your Arms is the full album I’ve played most in 2017. I was not expecting this to be a fact. And yet… It is undeniable. I am a pop punk fan to the very core and this is ultimately what I live for. Despite trying to sound ‘all grows up’ with my Sleater Kinney and my Kate Tempest and my Mastodon deep down in my little back heart I’m a gothy little stroppy whiney assed teenager who thinks wearing black DM’s and a long coat makes me look cool.

“In the alley your eyes like valleys, like gallows that hang from the night I wrote you letters, have never felt better I bury myself in the void… Because”

The truly surprising thing about Creeper is they’re English. They sound like the America we saw on MTV in the 90’s and 2000’s. They look like a cartoonist has tried to draw for My Chemical Romance a rival band. They sound so accurately like their closest musical influence Alkaline Trio that you’d have fooled me in the early days that this (or Suzanne or Misery) was the latest AK release I would have believed you. And I’ve loved that band for 20 years.

“Because yeah, I’ve been drinking and you know that I’ve been thinking of you so I know I’m a wreck all the time”

Winona Forever is one of the tracks I’m picking to go out of 2017 on because it’s everything.

The reference is too old for kids today to get. And yet they do. The throw back to 80’s Teen Zine culture is the most 2017 thing you could’ve done. If Stranger Things were a band it’d be Creeper. If there were anymore hooks in this song it’s be a cloakroom. It’s all so joyous. So bouncy and so much fun. And yes. At the very end of the day. It’s about love.

“But maybe I could be your boy and do all of the things that you want to do, you could be my Winona and I could get your name in a heart tattoo on my arm”

Happy New Year to all of you. Stay up late! Go Deaf!




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