Land Of Sunshine – Faith No More

OK you need to stop listening to this retrospective stuff and looking backwards. You need to get energised. It’s the first day of a new year. You don’t need to promise to be thinner, healthier or holier than you were in 2017. You do however need to get on with stuff.

You made it. Maybe some of your nearest and dearest didn’t. I’m sorry if that’s so. Yep that sucks. It’s OK to look back and decide 2017 wasn’t one of your golden years.

You know what else is OK? If you’re not a bouncy party bunny like every other mofo you’ve run into since the 17th. We’re through it. The normal world is back. ‘The Holidays’ are over and real life is out there.

But you’ve got to get up and get going. It’s back to the really real world tomorrow. Don’t forget who you are…

You’re cynical? Sure that’s OK. You’ve got doubts? Who Hasn’t?

Tell me, do you often sing and whistle just for fun?

Let Faith No More pummel your unease away with this tale of pre-millennial tension now turned an anthem for the ages.

Get a pep talk from the prescribers of some taught platitudes that take on a tone of mocking indifference building to anger as they’re trotted out again.

“Prepare for a series of comfortable miracles from fasting to feasting, to feasting
Life to you is a dashing, bold adventure so sing and rejoice, sing and rejoice”

We made it through Christmas. We made it through new years. We’re at the business end of 2018. There are things to do!

The 21st Century just hit adulthood. We can do this.

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