Nuclear – Ryan Adams

From a noise that sounds like a Warner Brothers cartoon sound effect in slow motion creeps the subtle alt country melody of Ryan Adams Nuclear.

“This is where the summer ends, in a flash of pure destruction, no one wins, goin’ nuclear”

The first track on his Demolition record from the early noughties, Nuclear sounds like a lost Buffalo Tom hit or something Big Star might have forgotten to record.

It goes from lilting country slide to pummelling indie rock as Ryan sings his most mournful of melodies.

“Sentimental geek, shut up and go to sleep”

Is it about the death of a relationship? Is it a metaphor for the passing of time? Or are these straight up metal lyrics about a nuclear war played over Americana?

“The calm, the beach and the remains of the bathing suit and Porsches all in flames”

I’m guessing the 15 year old metal head in Ryan’s psyche snuck through on the lyrics for this one.

“Goin’ Nuclear”

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