You’ve Got Another Thing Coming – Judas Priest


Some metal anthems transcend the genre and just become ‘Dad Rock Anthems’ forever to be repackaged and resold in compilation albums with poor graphics on the front of electric guitars and explosions.

“The Biggest Dad Rock Album In The Universe Ever! Volume 11!” type of vibe. You’ve seen them in the supermarkets.

They usually have My Sharona by The Knack rubbing shoulders with some lame joke of a song by The Darkness and You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet. There’s nearly always some Meatloaf too.

When one of those albums stretches itself for disc two they occasionally stumble onto Judas Priest. When they do that, 99% of the time they go straight for Breaking The Law (no side intended here that tune’s a fucking classic) and then move straight on to the Quo or a live version of Smoke On The Water.

The miniscule amount of digging it would take to find a song slightly to the left or right of the obvious never happens. Which brings us to You’ve Got Another Thing Coming.

This song was a massive hit. A massive cross over hit which reigned on MTV and Rock radio across the USA in the 80’s. And rightly so. It’s as great a rock anthem as Livin’ On A Prayer or Paranoid

However, you ask the average Man in the street to name 3 things about Judas Priest in the 21st century and if they can say anything at all they’ll say ‘Breaking The Law, the lead singer’s gay, they were sued for having backwards messages on their records.

So in You’ve Got Another Thing Coming there is a perfect slice of radio friendly genre straddling heavy metal pop music which is unspoiled by repetition or over exposure.

People tend to look at Judas Priest and decide they know all about them from the image. That is a legitimate defence mechanism to keep the tourists away and to defend the faith of the metal crowd.

7 thoughts on “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming – Judas Priest

  1. Yas! Such a great track… I only got into Judas Priest a couple of years ago and it was this album that hooked me in. There’s not a bad track on there and you’re totally right about it being up there with the best ‘anthems’.

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  2. Well said, bro. I’m going to do a review of the Screaming album in the next little bit, as we have tickets to the opening night of the NA tour in Wilkes Barre in March. Such an amazing song, album, and band. Thanks for this.

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    1. Hey Paul. I’ll look forward to your review. That picture at the top of the piece was taken just before they hit the stage at their last London show on the Redeemer Of Souls tour. They smashed it that night. I’m looking forward to seeing them again this year.

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      1. Nice. I haven’t seen them since ’83. I’m so stoked. Keep rocking, man. Hey, I may rip one of your reviews one of these nights if I don’t have time to write a new post or search for something old. You cool with that?

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