Chicken Dog – The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Remember that ex-housemate I told you about? The one who I went through the lean years with. Post graduation and skint we were both trying to get on the career ladder. Meanwhile we’re tending bars, waiting tables and networking to get an ‘in’ somewhere.

Well we used to bust this tune out when it was time to go and get our mojo working. When we were off out drinking or when our house was suddenly filled with people ‘after hours’, invariably Now I Got Worry would find it’s way to the stereo and Chicken Dog would tear the party down.

It usually worked as a litmus test. Certain people fall away when music gets this primal. Others come out of the woodwork.

Once that ‘I know where I’m going now’ intro gives way to the dirty blues rock and bawl of The Blues Explosion you’re either on for an all nighter or it’s already past your bed time.

*Glaring Omission Alert*

All credit to William from A Thousand Mistakes for crediting Rufus Thomas in the comments below. Of course back in those packed house share parties it never occurred to us this was a cover. As you spend time around music fans whose knowledge gets deeper and deeper with the collective insight of a thousand record collections, all there is to discover is intertwining delights of influence, tribute and interpretation.

Props to Rufus. And to William.

*Glaring Omission Alert*




7 thoughts on “Chicken Dog – The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

      1. It was something like that, well I think so? They talked about him a lot in interviews at the time and told everyone to go out buy his old records too but JSBX didn’t have any more cash at the time anyway too!

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  1. Just up, and it’s in the fairly wee of the AM here, so i can’t play this as loudly as I like. Once the wife and kids are up and off to school, however…. My first taste Jon Spencer’s music, and I think I want some more.

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