Voodoo Lady Ween


When I first met my long suffering all best mate we were both dating a couple of girls who shared the same house. I was dating girl A he was dating girl B. Somehow we found ourselves sat on the sofa on a rainy night waiting for them to both get ready to come out with us while MTV played on the tiny TV in the front room.

120 Minutes was the only show on air at the time where you could guarantee to see some decent stuff. The rest of the day you had to take your chances that one pop princess wouldn’t be followed by a boy band then a commercial break just to see another plastic pop princess fill the next slot.

So it was, as we’d introduced ourselves and made our first light jokes that Ween’s latest video came on the TV. It was a mind bender of a video. Weird for weirdness sake. A gap in conversation occurred while we watched the small child in lederhosen with a disproportionately large head carry a bunch of flowers across the screen. It could have got awkward if we hadn’t both been watching the video so intently.

‘Well, that’s just great’

“Yep, I love it. You know this band?”

‘First time I’ve heard them but they remind me of the Pixies’

“You and me are gonna get on, I can tell”


3 thoughts on “Voodoo Lady Ween

  1. Crackin’ tune. One of my mate’s all time favourite bands… The Mollusk was my introduction to them and I remember thinking “what the fuck is this!?”

    My mate then made me up a Ween mix on a Maxell C60 cassette. That was it… I was hooked. This and Buenas Tardes Amigo brought me to Chocolate and Cheese… they had quite the knack for creating some incredibly beautiful songs and some of the most preposterous (Spinal Meningitis or The HIV Song). Magical band.

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  2. Apparently I like Ween more than I thought I did. Our house isn’t the biggest, so post-midnight is not an ideal time for this song, the wife and kids all tucked in, but there are ideal times for this song, and I aim to find them,

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