Band Aid Covers The Bullet Hole – Scarling

Quoting lines from Al Pacino’s Scarface might have been a trait most associated with hip hop back in the early days of the 2000’s but when ever I hear that most iconic of lines I hear the melody to this Riot Goth rocker.

“Bees in the caramel and I’m not afraid, surgeons make incisions, what a mess they’ve made”

With a mixture of Courtney Love and Inger Lorre in their sound LA’s Scarling made quite the stir in the pre-emo (???) rock landscape. They operated somewhere between Evanesence and Babes In Toyland though they didn’t last long.

This track found itself on their debut album Sweet Heart Dealer after it’s initial release as a single. Curiously (if you’re interested in that sort of thing) with a slightly changed lyric. “Robots steal emotions” was changed to “Robots steal narcotics” on the album. Maybe a sign of something. Wooo Eooo!

There was a second record with less pop nous a year or two later called So Long Scarecrow. And then they were over. I can’t help think they were a little early. If they had been five years after or even around now to align with acts like Creeper they might have gone on to greater things.

“Girls vomit candy and lies that they’re fed, Boys whisper lullabies and wet their beds, eat TV violence on the toast that they spread, talking with their mouths full here is what they’ve said”

You can’t keep that level of thing up into your 30s and not feel a bit daft mind you. Now it’s chorus time we get to the Scarface bit.

“Say Hello to my Little friend the world is getting ugly and we did it again, uh oh, oh no, the band aid only covers the bullet hole”

Bless ’em, it’s quite sweet really.




4 thoughts on “Band Aid Covers The Bullet Hole – Scarling

  1. More music that was missed by people who were too busy complaining that rock and roll is dead. I think you’re right, it must not have been their time. If not that, then it was something, because it certainly wasn’t the music.

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      1. Exactly right. How many of the greatest musicians have we ever known who were playing like Tuesdays for $200, weekends for maybe $500, and driving a taxi or giving lessons. Ginsberg could have said “I’ve seen the greatest musicians of a generation, stark, hysterical,…because their instruments stood in corners while they had to go walk somebody’s dog.”

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