This Is A Song – The Magic Numbers

We’re back to songs about songs again. The Magic Numbers had a hot minute in the noughties when they were all over the TV and the BBC in particular.

A perfect blend of middle class revered styles that had gone before (Brian Wilson being a major one but also some Badly Drawn Boy, some Travis some Fleetwood Mac) and a cute 2 brothers, 2 sister dynamic. They made dinner party indie that didn’t suck by keeping their eye on the song. Their first album was stacked with great tunes. Their second was patchy but it’s high points (this and Undecided) were the creative peak for the band.

Their musicianship was never in question. They looked like they’d been raised with vintage instruments in their hands and Persian rugs beneath their feet. The Magic Numbers two sets of parents must have combed the small adds of the music press looking for another family that was raising their kids on Scott Walker and Nick Drake. Trying to perform some sort of musical arranged marriage with another household who wanted to form the new Partridge Family Band specifically to be ready if The Band ever reformed or The Grateful Dead ever needed a support act.

And so… to This is A Song. They’re not wrong. It really is. A heck of a song at that.

A nimble, rollicking yet melodic, kitchen sink thrown in song, made up of all the aspects which allow a great band to show off their arsenal of tricks.

Enjoy the moment a mid noughties indie band rise above the landfill and climb to their brief peak.

This is more than just a song. This number (yep, I’m doing it) is magic.


8 thoughts on “This Is A Song – The Magic Numbers

  1. These guys are new to me, and I love learning new musical acts. You’re right, the indie pop world doesn’t always give us the best stuff, but when it’s done well, it certainly adds something to the lexicon of modern music. This does that. Thanks for pointing the way to them.

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