The Last Ones Up Become Lovers – The Brokerdealer

Poor old Craig Finn had to begin again after the dissolving of Minneapolis ironic rock outfit Lifter Puller.

Hidden in the margins between that band and the more classic rock influenced The Hold Steady are two untitled EP’s released under the nom de plume The Broker Dealer.

Sparse electronica punctuated by Balearic keys gives Finn ample room to paint his vivid poetic portrait of the after party scene.

“I spent the night in the right field bleachers, met up with six sick tweakers & a seventh grade teacher who said it didn’t matter, said school’s out for the summer”

There’s rarely anything like judgement on the characters he describes. While Finn is surely a bit of a romantic there’s also never any glamour.

“We make our pipes with whatever we can man” 

Is a type of confessional lyric which merely reports accurately the type of people who would relate to something like;

“I know good guys in bad bands, I know bad guys in great bands”

Finn has always focused his work on the very people who make up the scene. He’s interested in the stories of the kids at the shows. The beauty in a great night out. The drama that comes with recreation as an occupation. His songbook is full of characters who frequent the same dive bars, worn out music venues and after hours clubs his music is made for.

As for the last ones up?

“It starts out with a back rub but the last ones up they always make love”


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