Under Pressure – My Chemical Romance & The Used

About time we had a week of wacky cover version again? OK. For the record. The Queen and David Bowie song is, in my opinion. Perhaps one of the top ten greatest pop singles of all time. It’s hard to be objective about these things. But that song. Name a better one? I can’t. I genuinely can’t.

So it is with great delight, that two bands who play in the pop rock arena approached the song with an ambitious air and a knock about sensibility. Neither of them I would imagine even consider themselves in the same league as anyone on the original. How could they? But they are fans. And that’s important. As I’ve stated time and again on my little blurbs next to cover versions I would like to share with you, enthusiasm and fun can spill out through the tape on a good cover.

What is surprising about this is how good a fist they make of it. By playing it for fun they capture a smidge of the same vibe the original had. The two vocalists are a little too similar to one another to really ape the Bowie/Mercury dynamic and the scat singing bits which were almost gladiatorial on the original are layered with studio effects instead of showboating vocal abilities. Criticising two young bands for being neither Queen nor David Bowie would be like knocking Banksy for his lack of work done on Cathedral ceilings.

This is fan service, by them for them, up and down the generations.

6 thoughts on “Under Pressure – My Chemical Romance & The Used

  1. I’m in agreement about Under Pressure being top 10 pop tune, but I don’t dig this. Mostly cause I don’t rate MCR (never heard The Used) and the voice(s) is like chalk on a board to me (sounds like the same singer using a different voice). I applaud the giving it a shot for kicks, though.

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  2. They capture a good energy. No, this isn’t going to shatter the world, but it’s clear from the attempt at what it is that that wasn’t the intention. It’s an homage. It IS a great song by two legendary acts, and the great thing is, I guarantee it that nobody who went into the recording of this cares too much if people get it or not. This is a love project; these guys wanted to do this, and I’m sure they enjoyed doing it. Sometimes musicians get to work for nothing more than that and it’s a testament to their position that they get the opportunity to do so. In that, kudos to them; go ahead and enjoy the job for a bit.

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  3. I loved this song, as I do all Bowie and Queen songs. Anything on Night at the Opera and Ziggy especially. But, being a millennial, I was born into the “scene” era….artists like my chem, the used, Underoath, and a lot of other rock and metal acts (I love anything theatric, cathartic, and with venom). While the Used are a great band, MCR are the ultimate for me. There’s so many Queen and Bowie references in their music. I’m sure they had the time of their lives recording this. To me, Gerard’s cathartic, honest voice outdoes everything else rock has to offer…whatever people feel about the voice, they can’t say that the band isn’t unique. Awesome post! You sum up the cover quite nicely.

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  4. Definitely. Serious concept albums that tear out your heart are awesome, but so is just having fun – like Green Day doing Foxboro Hot Tubs and and My Chemical Romance doing Mad Gear And missile Kid. By the way, something funny (I talk about mcr way too much lol) – Gerard said once in an interview “There had to be a time when Bowie, with the painted star on his face and everything, snorted a line, looked in the mirror and said ‘This is fucking nuts.'” XD

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