Houses Of The Holy – The Temperance Movement

It’s becoming a tradition. Every year around Record Store Day this fine band release a seven inch single of cover versions. First there was the superlative covers of Oasis’ Up In The Sky and Blur’s Tender. Surprising choices for a retro styled rock band playing in the Golden Gods area of rock, to go quite so contemporary. Thing is, it really worked.

Most recently they had a stab at Ziggy Stardust. But between that 90’s battle of the bands influence and their tribute to Zavid came this bit of classic rock homage to the fromage.

Less surprising than the other singles, but bang on the money for the Movement’s own sound, is this take on the epic classic rock opus Physical Graffiti’s boogie rocker.

Now I know there’s a Led Zeppelin album called Houses Of The Holy. It’s quite often a surprize to people that the song Houses of the Holy isn’t on it.

*Awoooga* Nerd Rock Trivia Alert *Awoooga*

The Doors did the same thing with Waiting For The Sun (The song is actually on Morrison Hotel) and Queen with Sheer Heart Attack (it’s on News Of The World) . Def Leppard put On Through The Night on High & Dry and AC/DC’s High Voltage is on TNT. 

just as confusingly AC/DC move tracks around all the time for some reason…

Oh and while we’re int he nieghbourhood, Dry (the song) by PJ Harvey is on Rid Of Me (the album) so it’s not just a spandex and hairspray induced side effect… Although, hang on, Polly has had some incredible outfits so… It might be…  

*Awoooga* Normal Service is resumed *Awoooga*

Rock and roll history’s little admin glitches aside Houses of the Holy sounds like it was built for The Temerance Movement. I appreciate vice is most probably versa here and the band may well have been jamming on this since their first rehearsal.

Given the band name is reference to a historic coalition of abstinence it’s unlikely when either Percy or Phil Campbell sing ‘Let me take you to the movies, can I take you to the show’ they’re expecting to keep their eyes on the screen or their hands to themselves.

So what starts out sounding like a civilised date rapidly descends into

‘So the world is spinning faster are you dizzy when you’re stoned, let the music be your master will you heed the master’s call, Oh Satan and man!’

Dirty boys those Led Zep fellas. A bad influence on these clean young men.


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