Who Made Who – AC/DC

This really isn’t considered a good vintage for Acca Dacca. In 1986 they were a bit lost. They’d made the duddest albums of their career to date with Flick Of The Switch and Fly On The Wall. The New boy singer wasn’t so new any more and the film this was recorded as a title soundtrack single for was a total stinker.

So it was that Stephen King’s Maximum Overdrive died at the box office. AC/DC continued on course to ‘the where are they now file’ and younger cockier (more photogenic) rock bands rose through the ranks.

But I really like Who Made Who. It’s got a different feel to a lot of AC/DC before it. The bass line leads the track. The rhythm section in particular get to shine on this song. It’s like the best bits of The Razor’s Edge were born here on this track.

Hitting a drum consistently is often an under rated skill. AC/DC have featured many excellent drummers over the years. Simon Wright deserves his moment here. The work he does driving Cliff Williams bass line along is brilliant in it’s unfussiness.

Of course that’s not so say Angus doesn’t style out all over Who Made Who. Of course he does. Even in that fallow period which continued through a fair chunk of Blow Up Your Video and The Razor’s Edge the Young Brothers still come up with some incredible guitar work (I’d argue they were never a great albums band after Highway To Hell, but people rarely agree with me).

With lyrics about video games and data banks Brian Johnson could not be accused of not moving with the times. Who Made Who worked great live. With the rest of the Maximum Overdrive album playing out like a greatest hits package (if I recall You Shook Me All Night Long got some air again too at the time) with a couple of other new tracks (an AC/DC instrumental no less) it tided the band over until they really got to grips with the MTV rock generation in 1988 and Heatseeker put them back in the big league.

Never a band to waste a good idea they did the movie soundtrack album/greatest hits package again in 2010 and didn’t bother with including any new stuff. Iron Man 2 would be a better representation of this great band if it also included Who Made Who (but of course it would make for some confusing movie trivia).


7 thoughts on “Who Made Who – AC/DC

  1. Great bounce back for these guys as a single. Mind you leading up to this I really dug that Fly On The Wall album. It was always fun to get into albums and find those Gems that the mainstream missed out on!
    Nice post!

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    1. I saw your Fly On The Wall Post a Little while ago and thought “Man he’s going to hate what I have to say about Who Made Who when my Post is published”

      I got to those albums in reverse order and I think I got to Fly On The Wall last. That and Flick Of The Switch.

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  2. Yes, I love this song! You’re right, this is an oddly placed tune for them. Right in the middle of some dreary recordings comes this bright, poppy tune that kills. Fact: Angus and Malcolm began working on Thunderstruck during the Who Made Who sessions. Wasn’t cooked enough to make it onto Blow Up Your Video, I guess.

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