Let Her Be – Starcrawler

So the award for first great new record of 2018 goes to Starcrawler with their sexy, schlocky male/female fronted garage rock. And the track I’m choosing to really start the year is Let Her Be.

It is in one sense as traditional a rock and roll duet as you can name. It has it’s DNA in the rough hewn noisy subculture roots that spawned songs about star struck couples losing control of their Oldsmobile’s on a notorious curve or naming dances loosely after euphemisms for the old ‘ow’s yer father.

It is also a retro Psychobilly moment fitting along side The Cramps, Boss Hog, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Raveonettes and The Kills.

But most importantly. It’s new. It’s now. It’s a happening, visceral musky bloody nose of a tune. In a cool way.

We are not pushing the artform anywhere it hasn’t been for 50 years here. It’s like 2018 has just gone and said ‘Why don’t we start with a low down dirty smudge of lipstick and booze and see how we get on?’

The incantation in the video that gives way to 70’s rock clichés and hipster parody says it all. This stuff only rings true when it’s done for fun. But young, cool people in ridiculous clothes making a racket? This is why we rock and rollers turn up. And why we turn it up.


5 thoughts on “Let Her Be – Starcrawler

  1. There it is, some of that delicious stuff that all those “rock and roll is dead” folks can put in their pipes and smoke. Man, this one really gets between your ears and bangs around like a hyperactive child. Love it. Thanks for pointing these folks out.

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