All Pop, No Star – The Slingbacks

I used to hang out with a girlfriend who had a phenomenal knack for sniffing out great records you’d never heard of. This was back in the days when a town could support 6-10 decent sized record shops and each one was moving so many units the bargain bins were constantly churning over new stuff.

She’d dive that crate and come away with multi coloured seven inch singles of bands who were dressed like it was 20 years earlier or EP’s on labels you’d never heard of that had hand drawn sleeves. All for a couple of quid. Her record collection was scattered all over her friends houses (mine included) and she loved everything from The Shangri-Las to Slayer.

This track is one she put on a cassette she made for my bar. All Pop No Star by The Slingbacks is a terrific tune. When I asked how she discovered them she said ‘If I ever see a record by a band who’ve named themselves after shoes, I buy it’.

The track itself is a glam rock stomper in the vein of T-Rex or Slade but with a cool 90’s girl on vocals pretending she’s making music in another decade. It’s an infectious piece of Bohemian Pop Rock from back in the day before bands like this were re-christened Hipsters.

“No this should have been your rags to riches instead of detox wards and stitches, Left all the luxury of drinking under the stars and sleeping in your car, All pop, no star”


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