Saturday Morning – Eels

From their least acclaimed album Shootenanny! Comes my favourite Eels track. Saturday Morning reminds me of being newly married and living in our first little house. It was a hundred year old, two up two down, terraced cottage which faced the mill and canal out front. At the back it had a long thin garden which didn’t so much end as it just sort of petered out by the time it got to the field behind us and the pig sheds.

We felt like grown ups as we made our first home watertight, then rewired, then made the thing watertight again. We were in our 20’s, on the property ladder and living a beautiful part of the world.

We also had fledgling careers. Only just making our way up the other ladder we worked like Trojan’s. Early starts and late nights, long haul trips and split shifts often had us wondering what married life would be like, when we could actually stay awake in the same room long enough to enjoy it.

When summer 2003 arrived we’d both found a familiar and pleasant pattern forming. We could head off in different directions every Monday morning (sometimes the evening before) and barely see one another until late Friday night came around. But Saturday Morning? That was sacred. That was always ours.

We could always make a precious few hours for Danish pastry breakfasts in the tiny kitchen, reading the papers in the coffee shops in the village or just laying on the sofa watching old movies and planning the next bit of work on the house (we planned a lot more than we ever found time to do).

So the CD player in the kitchen had a couple of dozen discs stacked by it at all times. There were the obvious classics, Nina, Otis, Sticky Fingers and a few contemporary (for the time) things like Basement Jaxx (hers) The Shins (mine) and this.

We stayed in that tiny house for a decade. We grew up in it. Eels will always remind me of that kitchen and cooking eggs and toast with the weekend stretching out in front of us.


6 thoughts on “Saturday Morning – Eels

  1. A song, and album, I haven’t heard in a while. Great choice. And thanks for sharing your story… I can relate to it. Work has a habit of getting in the way of living, huh?

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