MMM: Cochise – Audioslave

Oioi, it’s Milo from Stuff And That back again for another MMM (or MILO’S MOSHPIT MUTINY AS IT WILL NOW BE KNOWN), which is literally what Steve does but a lil’ more sexually promiscuous. Of course, special thanks to Steve as well for suffering *this fool* gladly. Or reluctantly…

Today, I wanna take a look at Audioslave’s 2002 hard rock smasher Cochise, from their self-titled debut. Roll the clip!

Following the demise of both Rage Against The Machine AND Soundgarden, Audioslave was formed, mixing the sonic firepower of RATM and the vocal powerhousery of Chris Cornell – a supergroup indeed. Their first single, shown here, is a massive song, with Brad Wilk (my favourite drummer of all time) delivering on something unapologetically brash and big, with pounding toms and car-crash cymbals. 
This is coupled with Tom Morello’s huge riff, drawing on his time in Rage but also further into the metal genre, with the hammering in the chorus being nigh-on iconic. He, being Tom Morello, of course has a solo where his guitar doesn’t sound like a guitar. He is Tom Morello, that is what he does.

Finally, and most notably, we have the aforementioned godly vocals of the late Chris Cornell. It’s no secret that he had a pair of lungs for the AGES, but he really shows it here, his scream in the bridge still giving me goosebumps. At a gig I was at recently, they played this after the show, and the entire leaving audience BELLOWED along to the chorus. If that don’t mean you’ve done summat right, I dunno what does. Of course, thanks again to ya boi Steve and remember to check out Stuff And That, BECAUSE WE WANT CLICKS. GIVE US CLICKS.

Lots of hugs, kisses AND lacerations (yeah they’re back) Milo.

9 thoughts on “MMM: Cochise – Audioslave

    1. A nice write up, indeed, and what a wonderful performance. I watched this Letterman performance when it aired, and it is still one of my favorite TV music performances ever. Thanks for using it.

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  1. Oh man, I loved this track… never really loved the album it was from or the band, though – they just left me longing for Rage Against The Machine and Soundgarden.

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