Hanging Around – Me Me Me

I first heard Hanging Around in an art gallery. It was the theme tune to a short film directed by British Art’s then enfant terrible Damien Hirst. Myself and my fellow students of the YBA (Young British Artists*) era Ben and Shaun were there to see what all the fuss was about.

Among the Dead Dad’s and creepy Chapman Brothers conjoined girls was a small movie theatre where Hanging Around (the film as I recall was obsessed with Reggie Perrin Britishness and Spitfires) was playing on a loop.

The band are part Blur/Duran Duran/Elastica literally. Me Me Me were a *ahem* supergroup who put out this one single to help promote Damien’s latest show.

This bouncy Parklife emulator couldn’t be more 1996 if it wore a Buzz Lightyear play suit while dancing with Sheryl Crow to The Spice Girls at Princess Diana’s Divorce Party high on Mad Cow Disease.

I’ve always quite liked it.

*they’re all old TV celebrities now.

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