Round Here – Counting Crows

Few records have been played so heavily by me over the years as Counting Crows debut album August And Everything After. It’s got to be in my top five most heavily hammered albums of all time.

Round Here is everything I love about the band right there in the opening number. It’s probably everything the bands many detractors hate about them too.

It’s overly earnest, it’s a slow build of poetic metaphors and atmospheric guitars. It’s heart on sleeve emotional and it has big ideas about the minutia of feelings.

In their first flush people lumped Counting Crows in with the mid nineties American rock explosion known as grunge. In hindsight they’ve got more in common with some of the touring giants who have survived the 60’s and 70’s. Counting Crows are heirs to that era’s tour that never ends type carnival of bearded musos and extended family of other bands.

Adam Duritz the bands lead singer and lyricist has a way with words. In my not so humble opinion he’s one of the best lyricists of his generation. The band are a mighty proposition. Dexterous and as steeped in the traditional music of their country as they are in rock and roll tropes. So there’s folk in counting crows, there’s the jam band sound of The Dead and of The Band and a fair whack of early E Street in there too.

This band can sell out a festival field without a record to promote or the music press behind them. They move behind the scenes of what’s trending or what’s considered classic. Counting Crows are a band for people who live for rock music. Not fans who are into one cool scene. The same people who would go and see The Heartbreakers, Rival Sons or Eli Reed on any given night. People who never stopped buying their music on hard copy and who name their kids after songs. People who count festivals as summer holidays and have only leather jackets and jeans in their wardrobes.

You know, people like us.


9 thoughts on “Round Here – Counting Crows

  1. I could not agree more. Amazing band, amazing album, amazing song. As hard as it is to say any song is my favorite song on an album that includes the likes of Omaha, Perfect Blue Buildings, and Sullivan Street, I can honestly say this song is my favorite off AAEA. And it’s great to see you give them the space because, just as easily as they can fill that festival field, they can be overlooked. Thanks.

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    1. They’re truly a band of the people Paul. I’ve never stood in a crowd of such accepting an happy folk as I did when CC played Hyde Park in London. The best atmosphere. It’s like AAEA is most peoples secret favourite album.


  2. I can’t tell you how many mixtapes I made that started with this tune. This album was a major one for me… both this and Recovering The Satellites, actually. Kinda lost touch with them after Hard Candy, though.

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    1. Oh Recovering the Satellites! That album Man! That album was huge for me too. Angels of the Silences, Have You Seen Me Lately, Long December. Awesome record

      So too is the double live album from that tour. Across A Wire. Really great stuff

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