We Call Upon The Author – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Nick Cave season continues with a latter day cut that really does it for me. I have a good buddy called Doug ( I met him a life time ago, or just a few posts if you’ve just read the Ween one). He and I have shared many and adventure over the last 25 years. We’ve partied, we’ve nursed our way through hangovers, break ups with girlfriends, redundancies and raising families. If the world doesn’t make sense on any given day I can call him up and we’ll spit ball the problem.

“We shook our fists at the punishing rain and we call upon the author to explain”

It helps that he’s a freakish loon. A real weirdo with strange ideas about the order of things and the meaning of everything.

“He said everything is messed up around here, everything is banal and confused
There is a planetary conspiracy against the likes of you and me in this idiot constituency of the moon, Well, he knew exactly who to blame”

For Nick Cave to put out a song that features the lyric:

“Now hang on, my friend Doug is tapping on the window (Hey Doug, how you been?), He brings me back a book on holocaust poetry complete with pictures, Then tells me to get ready for the rain, And we call upon the author to explain”

Kind of helped at the time it came out. Him and me.

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