Maggie I’ve Been Searching For Our Son – Craig Finn

I love this guys work. I just have to hear everything Craig Finn does. You see…

The thing Finn does better than anyone this side of Bruce Springsteen is he gives a slither of light in a dour situation. He’s the eternal optimist sat on his arse in the gutter. No matter how down on their luck the protagonist of a Craig Finn song is. There’s hope. You’ve got to (as the man says) stay positive.

Maggie is the opener of CF’s second solo album Faith In The Future. Like many of the album titles and song titles he’s been associated with before, it’s a distillation of his over arching philosophy. A pattern in the lyrics reveals itself again which holds out hope against the odds.

“There’s a darkness in my body and I think I might be ready, Maggie, I’ve been searching for our son”

It’s echoed down the verses; problem, symptom, optimism.

“There’s a big hole in my thinking, Lately I’ve been seeing things, Maggie, I’m still searching for our son”

The state of fear that comes with modern western life is addressed alongside the personal struggles of the Father of Maggie’s child.

“Hey, pick up the paper, see the stories and the pictures, A kid went to the movies with a gun”

It hard to tell who is supporting who in this dialogue but the hope is woven through it in a thin thin thread.

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