Dance The Night Away – Van Halen

Jukebox movies are a thrill. There’s some great scenes matched to classic songs in cinema. Who can forget Martin Scorcese’s use of period pop like Gimmie Shelter in the murder montage of Goodfellas, or the Dropkick Murphy’s getting a big budget video in The Departed. Tarantino’s a bugger for it too. Little Green Bag playing while The Reservoir Dogs walk in slow motion, David Bowie in 1940’s France, The dance off in Pulp Fiction with Chuck Berry stealing the show.

It’s as common as a mandatory love story to the big budget actioner in this age. They’ll crowbar it in anywhere they can hoping to have a moment. Star-Lord stealing a maguffin to Fooled Around and Fell In Love, 20th Century history squeezing in some Watchmen to Desolation Row, Rachel from friends doing the thing from Flashdance in some comedy where she played someone’s hot mum… It happens a lot.

Edgar Wright has raised the game entirely with Baby Driver and while I’m rattling them off John Woo’s Somewhere Over The Rainbow bullet ballet deserves a special nod.

But the cool song in a cool movie I want to talk about here today is my way of getting some Van Halen on this list at last. Van Halen never really registered in the UK in the 80’s until after Jump. Then they changed singer, we got confused. They toured America and Japan loads and Europe sort of shrugged a bit.

Argo is a seriously fun film. The sort of True Story you don’t believe a moment of. True story movies don’t need Van Halen on their soundtrack to drive the realness home.

And so the most ridiculous Hollywood party unfolds on screen for a fake film within a film which mock retro green skinned alien women and hair metal rock and roll from the land of Diamond Dave and Eddie Van Halen’s mad guitar work.

I’ve always loved this song. Now I have the visuals to go with it.

4 thoughts on “Dance The Night Away – Van Halen

  1. Part of Halen’s problem was Laziness….
    They toured N.A like crazy back in the day….
    Even on there 2012 tour they axed a bunch of shows saying they were exhausted!!?? or something to that effect…like who does that? Oh yeah Halen does…
    Halen I love man…but they are a bunch of puzzle’s personality wise…

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  2. I think you’re bang on about their reputation in the U.K. being blighted by the success of 1984 and then Lee Roth leaving and becoming a cartoon caricature of an ego stroking front man. I remember buying 5150 back in the day, and being one of the few in my group of friends who actually thought it was rather good.

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  3. Funny, but I’ll tell you a little secret, my next album review is of a VH album. I can understand the confusion you folks had with this band, which is unfortunate because they were such an amazing band to watch come of age. People can say what they want about this band, deride their type of music or wherever, but one view of this live clip makes one thing very clear: These guys are excellent musicians and performers. This song is often overlooked for its poppiness, but watch these guys play this song; it’s a rock and roll song, and it succeeds on the efforts of all four members. Alex doesn’t choose to beat on that cowbell, and you’ve got an entirely different song. Eddie doesn’t wait for a solo to flourish. Michael’s backing vocals might be better spent on this song than on any other, which says so much. And, Dave, well, think about the dude what you will, but no one could have sung this one better. Thanks for this; if given it’s due and attentive ears, this song can make the world better on so many levels. Cheers.

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