(He’ll Never Be An) Old Man River – TISM

Offensive Aussie comedy rock from a million years ago shouldn’t really be commemorated a lifetime later. It’s not a blindingly clever tune. It’s a crass shouty, blokey dick swing, about excessive consumption. But it is funny. There’s something about the mix of gonky dance music, boastful rap and taboo subject matter that stops TISM (This Is Serious Mum) from falling from memory and keeps them in that same soft spot as Bloodhound Gang, early Green Day and Bowling For Soup.

But then again these guys were not a one and done comedy band. They dated right back to the mid 80’s and they have a mix of high and low brow material in their Industrial dance rock and roll repertoire.

With album titles like Hot Dogma, http://www.tism.wanker.com and The White Albun these guys aren’t just Steve-O and the Jack-Asses. They’ve managed to remain anonymous for 30 years. There’s a brilliant rumour that the band are actually kids TV costume characters The Wiggles (it’s not true but I love the rumour). They’re a layered referential rock and roll band who happen to be funny. Very funny. Offensively funny.

If (He’ll Never Be An) Old Man River doesn’t make you smirk maybe try I’m Interested In Apathy or Get Thee To A Nunnery. If they don’t raise a titter. Maybe you just had to be there.

11 thoughts on “(He’ll Never Be An) Old Man River – TISM

  1. I’m not going to read your piece on this one. “Comedy rock” might kill it for me. My wife says I was 17 when I was born–which offsets the fact that I think I was about 14 when I was 30–and I think this might be one of areas where that is so. The comedy rock aspect of this is done quite adroitly and with much merit evident I’m sure, as you have a good eye for what really works, but having listened to the song and quite enjoyed it, I think this is one of those cases where reading any of the lyrics or anything about it might actually detract. It’s a raw tune, and I like a raw tune. I succeeded in not picking up any of the lyrics and am content to just play this one and listen to it bang and bounce. Once the kids are off to school, I’ll get to do that more loudly. Rockin’ tune, sir/bro; always good no have new rockin’ music in the morning. (Speaking of new my friend introduced me to Gojira yesterday. You know them? I’m a fan.

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    1. Hey Paul. Totally get your reasoning there. And I love the logic your applying too. Yeah I Know Gojira. They’re monumentally good. Right back in the very first wave of reviews on here I covered Silvera from Magma as a vital force in my thread backwards to my old headbanger days. Amazing band

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