Rot Foot – Mississippi Witch

This is some down home swamp rock made by the dirtiest, dirgiest rockin’ duo of ‘gators this side of the delta. Except I saw them in Nofolk (the Mississippi of England?) in a hotel ball room that couldn’t have been more English.

The evil is undeniable. This is more a philosophy of sin than a song. Without mentioning liquor, hoes, guns or speed, Mississippi Witch manage to not only invoke all of them, they incriminate you the listener by association.

You can sing along with Rot Foot if you learn one line of lyrics. The deep fried groove ‘dawn naw naws’ along in varying levels off fuzz and scrape moving up and down the rock-ter scale (it’s a thing) as it goes.

Sing “I don’t need what you’re selling me, It’s gone bad Lawd, it’s gone bad” several different ways and you’ll be channelling the Rot (it’s more alluring than I just made it sound)

First do it down a telephone line while pretending to be Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive. Stick with that a couple of times over then add a little Elvis (not the real Elvis, think Kurt Russell in the John Carpenter TV Movie), Then do it as an angry Nic Cage in Wild At Heart. Throw in a Johnny Cash impersonator (not Joaquin Phoenix, I’m thinking more late 50’s fat man with cheap hair dye).

Once you’ve done Tommy Lee, Kurt’s Elvis, Cage and Cash you can free yourself up a bit. The tracks gone fully Jon Spencer demonic so why not do a Sean Connery take on the line? Try it as Mr Bean, David Bowie, Kings of Leon, a scouser or Scooby Doo. Do you speak Dutch? Try that out too. It’s all good from here on in.

There’s a chant of ‘Rot! Foot!’ towards the end. That’s there to help you put the breaks on. Just in case you didn’t get to do your best John Wayne or Pee Wee Herman yet.

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