Been There Lately – Slash’s Snakepit

Good time rock and roll in the most hoary of old templates, Been There Lately could be any Southern rock and roll band from Bob Seeger to Monster Truck were it not for the incendiary guitar work of Saul Hudson. Like The Black Crowes during their By Your Side era, Slash decided the antidote to the malaise over rock and roll at the dawn of the new  millennium was to take things down home, home grown rock and roll.

Relative unknown boogie rock growler Rod Jackson does his best Brian Johnson impression but comes off more like a cruise ship Joe Cocker. The tempo is ‘up’ and the song is a showboat of heavy rock honky tony flair and good ole’ boy stomp.

Essentially this song it the equivalent of going to a Texas Steak House and ordering the Black & Blue Burger with JD Barbecue Dip and Grits.

Tacky as that might sound to some. There’s comes a point most weekends where that sounds infinitely more fun than what I’m currently doing.

8 thoughts on “Been There Lately – Slash’s Snakepit

  1. I saw these guys when they opened for AC/DC in 2001. The crowd went nuts when they went into Mr. Brownstone but then immediately lost interest when they switch back to their own tunes. I thought they were OK.

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