If You See Kay – Memphis Slim

A cheeky old school piano blues doodle. One that shows us that something ‘from the dawn of time to the present day’ has always been the same. Swearing is fun.

This is a universal truth. Cheeky under the radar swearing is even more fun than regular cussing. It’s hilarious. It’s clever to be stupid in such a way.

And so, Without further ado…Welcome to part one of the If You See Kay trilogy.

The smooth voice and the smooth piano tinkling, give the feel, the mood and the groove of sincere vintage blues. But the subject matter. You just know he’s retelling a joke that was old even at the stage it was recorded.

There is a moment where the sincerity of performance gives way to the charade of the subject. It’s before he gets to the chorus. He’s describing Kay and slips in a characteristic that acts as a tell.

See Kay told Slim she loved him and he believed her. Slim was head over heels in love with Kay. Then she just upped and left.

Slim lays it out.

“Kay’s a little brown skinned girl, about 5 feet 2, bow legged”

That’s the first bend in his poker face right there. You can hear the smirk on ‘Bow legged’.

He keeps it straight faced for a while longer putting out a reward for any information on Kay’s whereabouts.

All he’s looking for is someone who might be able to help. He’s worried…

If you see Kay, tell her he’s as lonesome as he can be.


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