If You See Kay – Poster Children

And so we get to the Empire Strikes Back of this If You See Kay trilogy. Poster Children do a sort of new wave influenced Pixies impersonation. Half slacker Beckisms and half Black Francis banshee screams.

‘And if you see Kay, tell her that I’m alright’

Taken from their late 90’s album Daisy Chain Reaction this If You See Kay isn’t the booty call variety, it’s a lament.

‘When was the last time I told you, you’re the one?’

Thin funk is slathered in screams which stop and start along a Polly Harvey bass line, while singer Rick Valentin has an existential crisis equal parts Kurt Cobain and McLusky.

‘Why get a shoe shine when you’re made of dirt?’

Why have so many bands recorded songs called If You See Kay? Who keeps perpetuating this deep cut musician in joke? How can a smutty pun be responsible for so much good music?

All these questions will be put off being answered until the final entry in the trilogy. This ones just about character development and setting up for an epic finale.

So the dark chapter in the middle of the trilogy has self loathing, a villain, good turning bad and an abrupt ending…

The If You See Kay Trilogy will be concluded tomorrow. Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel.


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