If You See Kaye – Turbonegro

Turbonegro to the rescue! All trilogies should end with a big brash showbiz bonanza and the If You See Kay trilogy is no different.

‘Hey, if you see Kaye, tell her I love her OK?’

Turbonegro specialize in sexualised low rent party rock. Ground zero for these guys was early Alice Cooper, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and The Spiders from Mars. And they’ve added an E to the spelling of Kaye because they’re Europeans.

TurboNegro are a broad church of fetish loving, hard drinking metal heads who embrace everything from 80’s Judas Priest to Andrew WK. Their following are an obsessive bunch who rank in chapters and have a uniform with patches just like a biker gang. The Turbo Jugend are legendary on the live scene.

‘I gave her diamonds, I gave her pearls, I gave hats and scarves, gave her my whole wide world’

They dress like Hells Angels they sound like Steel Panther and they make music that fits right in with the QOTSA/Foo/EoDM crowd.

There are other songs that play in the tradition of If You See Kay. They’re littered in all corners of the music industry, Blues bands, Country, Pop Rock, everywhere. Hidden in plain sight. All passing the hidden baton down from genre to genre, generation to generation. Each one saying between the lines of their songs ‘Never let this die’.

This If You See Kaye is a fist in the air party anthem. It brings this trilogy to a close on a high. Imagine Ewoks drumming on the empty helmets of Stormtroopers to this jam. Yeah that’s how you Yub Nub.

3 thoughts on “If You See Kaye – Turbonegro

  1. I waited until I listened to all of these to comment. I liked the Poster Children’s song the best, but this one is pretty good to. With the PC, I loved the ennui into the rage and then quickly back to the plod. That’s a great effect. This was a cool study. I’d like to see more like this. Kudos.

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    1. Cheers Paul. So just like Empire is the best you liked Poster Children? I may do another If You See Kay trilogy in years to come with buckets of computer effects over the top that over explains Kay’s backstory and has racist overtones. I’ll bring back all the best elements of this trilogy and spoil them.

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