The Rush – The Pearl Harts

This is not a song about Geddy Lee. Though there are plenty of those in the rock and roll firmament already. This is a song about the rock and roll firmament as a whole (I’m going to assume) it’s that or it’s about mainlining hard drugs. Whelp, as we all learned in class boys and girls, ‘Hard Drugs are for Bartenders’. I haven’t pulled a pint in years, so I’m taking all the metaphors here about;

“Open up your veins, she’s the rush, shes the rush that will run through your blood, open up your mind and show me what’s inside”

As an encouragement to enjoy everything the music has to offer.

Taken from their new Glitter And Spit album, The Rush has an infectious chorus. It matches some searing old school heavy blues guitar to seriously clattering drums. It’s rare I comment on the video’s I post below. They’re usually just there to link to a way of hearing the song. In the case of The Pearl Harts though I’ll make an exception.

This video documents their rise from basement shows to headlining huge festivals. It’s amazing how quick this band have topped the music world since their debut single in 2014. The footage here really drives home how far they’ve come. To think it was a short time ago they played those Hardcore Punk parties, fought their way onto the festival bills and inspired such amazing mosh pits, wall of death action and and and and then went on to top the bill on some of the worlds biggest stages. It’s happened so quick you’d find it hard to believe if it were not all captured here on this unbelievable footage.

Not bad for a duo who followed the golden age of two headed bands like The Kills and The White Stripes. They used the momentum of Royal Blood, The Gravel Tones and Deap Valley to show us how that sound would work if the band were 80’s metal obsessed leather jacket sporting moshers with boundless enthusiasm and all black wardrobes.

That Sabbath-y guitar and those thudding drums, that’s all you need for Kirsty to lay her doom laden vocals over and slow groove to the big top of the big time.

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