Better Than Home – Beth Hart

Another of the ‘Universally Approved’ artists in our house. Both Mrs ForTheDeaf and I are huge fans of Beth Hart.

Her 2015 album Better Than Home has taken it’s rightful place along side Ray Lamontagne’s Gossip In The Grain, Buffalo Tom’s Sleepy Eyed, The first Temperance Movement record and Father John Misty’s Fear Fun as ‘A record that heals all wounds’.

The country blues hybrid Beth belts out would not have such resonance if her voice we’re not such an incredible and well used instrument.

I’m not just saying she can really sing. I’m saying this tool of a voice is well worn, it carries the marks and the details of a life lived. A life with highs, lows, bad, good, happiness and more than a little sadness. Beth Hart sings the blues like one of the greats.

Better Than Home is about finding the love where you need it not where you want it. It’s about seeing what really matters between the ideas you have of what you should do and what you should be.

It’s also really beautiful.

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