Political Asshole – Pansy Division

From the opening sample ‘You will drink the black sperm of my vengeance’ it is clear Pansy Division did not turn up today to blend in. Political Asshole is more than a short sharp shock of queer core punk rock, but it is still very much all of those things too.

With a repeated refrain of ‘Your Asshole is Political’ for a chorus and a doomy portent laden bass riff leading the verses on a diatribe about Politician’s and their opinions about what goes up your bum.

There’s more than a bit of Sabbath in the down tuning of the verses but (maybe not ironically) it’s The Butthole Surfers who are brought most to mind as this brief polemic makes it clear.

Do what you want with your bottom. It is after all, your bottom. However, be warned, there are people out there who will have an opinion about what you do with your bottom. People that have given you and your bottom a lot of thought. These people are quite prepared to interfere with you and your right to do your thing, with your butt.


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