We Share The Same Skies – The Cribs

There’s a rather famous special guest guitar player in The Cribs for this period of their lives. I wont say his name (see yesterday’s post if you need to know why) but what the Ex-Smiths six string slinger brings to the already charming buzzing indie rock of The Cribs is his signature melody upon melody playing.

To hear him deftly picking off the notes in the motif while Ryan Jarman waxes his poetic lyrics is a wonderful Indie moment.

“A strange union the other day ‘It’s a dead Russian’, the papers say but, it would be nice if they realized that she thought ‘he is mine'”

The Cribs were a big-ish indie rock band before their extra guitarist joined them and helped show the diverse and dynamic elements the band already had could ‘level up’ to headliner status in some pretty big venues. The chorus could be Idlewild, R.E.M or the masters themselves perhaps.

“This town has got you down and I know I was helping you out while your hope died under northern skies and it shows I was helping you to realize the reason why, it was no surprise”

The Jarman Brothers Band were often considered the Indie Bands Indie Band. With close ties to Kaiser Chiefs and NME they were championed for all the same characteristics The Smiths originally were.

“The act will pass by no-one and I’m sad to say it’s not different today, be comforted by we share the same skies and for once pay no mind”

With Ignore The Ignorant those comparisons widened. They may not have had a huge cross over single like Blur, Oasis or the Kaisers, but I think that’s part of the plan too.


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