The Man – Goat Girl

The Indie scene is on fire right now with rich sounding jangle pop that hypnotizes the listener and chants it’s way into your head.

With a smearing of 60’s garage, 70’s DIY post punk and 80’s new wave all smooshed together these records (and in particular this record) have pop sensibilities while also sounding inconsiderately abrasive. It’s almost as if there’s an alternative history of rock taking over, one where The Velvet Underground and The Shangri-Las’ take the place of The Beatles and the Stones.

I’ll be honest with you. I’m all for it. The fresh new doom laden down tuning has a beguiling quality that’s been missing from rock since Alice In Chains and Sonic Youth were pups. The inclusive balance of boys and girls dressing how the hell they please and making records that sound like Bowie and The Spiders never got past Queen Bitch is a very sweet spot indeed.

Goat Girl have been around 3-4 years at this stage and the self titled album (out this month) pushes the boundaries of this burgeoning scene’s tolerances at 19 tracks strong.

The Man, Cracker Drool and Throw Me A Bone are leading the charge for an album which will give this band an automatic arsenal to draw upon in their live shows as they graduate to theaters. Mark my words. This band are scene leaders and they’ll be filling the sort of spaces Wolf Alice and Britpop survivors inhabit within the year.

There’s a refreshing rejection of sheen and polish in Goat Girl, Dream Wife, Starcrawler, The Van-T’s, INHEAVEN, Hey Charlie, Pip Blom, Sunflower Bean, The Courtneys and Cherry Glazerr. This crowd have seen the old fashioned big time and compared it to the real scene they can populate with their friends and contemporaries.

This new scene cares not for MTV or award shows. They just want to make a noisy party where they can be their own kind of rock stars. Where they can play with genre tropes and defy convention. The music is great. The scene is equal parts contemporary and rock and roll tradition.

2 thoughts on “The Man – Goat Girl

  1. I’m so all about this that I’m going to forego catching up with your other posts I’ve missed until I find some more of this. These kids have listened and made it matter; this helps me deal with Kurt Cobain’s death–and those of many others. These kids are filling voids, man. Good ear.

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