Women Of War – Pixies

Record Store Day gives me the right hump. Artificially rare records in ultra expensive packaging are snapped up by greedy eBay traders who want to exploit the fandom of bands to turn a quick buck.

Sure the stores get a jolt in the arm and everyone turns up to watch the pretty girl from the local pubs open mic night do a Joni Mitchell cover or two, but overall it is the opposite of music love. It’s object fetishisation.

There is an upside the day after Record Store Day though. Every year after the dust has settled and the rare picture discs of demo versions or live albums released only on cassette are going for 400 squiddles online. Many bands who released new tracks in limited editions put up the digital version on their websites for free download.

I believe in paying for my music. By that I mean I believe in paying the artists for their recordings. And yet, I can be swayed.

If the industry has just fleeced the hard core followings of some major established acts (Bowie singles limited to a thousand? Black Sabbath/ Metallica splits pressed only for one day?) of a few hundred thousand spondulicks on a Saturday I’m right up for a free Pixies tune on a Sunday.

Women Of War was released a couple of years back as a RSD 7″. I didn’t see a copy at Simply Grooves before they’d all gone. But I watched Lisa from behind the bar at the Dog And Duck do Big Yellow Taxi, I bought a couple of regular albums and I went home.

The next Day I downloaded something which has risen in prominence to one of my favourite latter day Pixies tracks.

I am a massive fan of the Pixies come back. Both Indie Cindy and Head Carrier are solid additions to the marvellous catalogue which had been stalled since Bam Thwok (does anyone remember Bam Thwok?)

So dig on this. A proper Pixies jam that is hidden in plain sight by not being on any of their widely available releases. And because Pixies are all righteous folk, if you go to their website www.pixiesmusic.com the track is still available for download all these years later.

You’re welcome.


8 thoughts on “Women Of War – Pixies

  1. Sweet! I’m also a fan of both old and new Pixies.

    And I am also leery about RSD, and what has become quite the commercialized affair. But I will still be out among the millions tomorrow, digging through chaff in search of gems, and supporting my local brick and mortars.

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