Count Your Blessings – Mattiel

This might be something of a departure for me. Right here I appear to reviewing a pretty straight forward piece of contemporary pop music. You’d be hard pressed to qualify it as anything else.

There’s not really any case for this being alternative or a sub genre of something more “street level”. This is classy, classic pop.

Sure it’s not the manufactured zeroes and ones derivative that reality stars and soap actresses are totted out in front of to twerk their way into the tweens line of sight.

No, this owes a debt to that bigger sounding, Spector influenced, late night lounge kind of pop. The stuff we forever imagine smoky, sparkly clubs of the late 60’s to be full of. Which is another way of saying it’s Lana Del-Esque.

Mattiel has written a hypnotic and seductive enough tune without the big production job. A sound which is enthralled to the same Dusty… Definitely pomp and grace that has influenced Adele and Lorde in different ways in the sounds of their early hits.

So it’s pop, but of a classic vintage. Think low key Portishead taking a stab at a song for Uma Thurman to walk away from a burning church in a QT picture and you’re half way there. Make it cool and disaffected like only beautiful young people can be and then add a ‘DaDup-Dadada’ hook you feel like you recognise from some other older record. Now you’re getting warmer.

This really is a good song turned into a wonderful sounding record by superior production and some inspired references to the past.

If this is the state of Pop in 2018 were doing pretty bloomin’ well recovering from the hangovers of the terrible 80’s and all that terrible fake music junk.

Of course Mattiel is not on a major label. She’s plugging away with Burger records behind her so you might want to go direct if you feel like saving the future of Pop. So as is becoming customary… BandCamp Link Below.


9 thoughts on “Count Your Blessings – Mattiel

  1. Yeah, I see the Tarantino thing, but doesn’t she sound like the singer Holly Golightly? Gorgeous,timeless girl group inflected pop with a bit of melancholy. Love it!

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