Sad Tomorrow – The Muffs

Front Muff Lady Kim Shattuck has the dubious honour of being the shortest serving member of The Pixies. She filled in as a replacement for Kim Deal for six months before finding herself replaced by another bass player (this time the bassists name wasn’t Kim though).

Prior to being pixie led for stardom she’d been slogging away in the back of a van for 15 years with her band The Muffs. A band who very much had their own ‘kool thing’ going on.

Sad Tomorrow was a single from their 1995 album Blonder and Blonder. It’s a subtle little melody laid under her brilliantly snarky sneer of a singing voice. Despite being 32 when Sad Tomorrow was recorded her voice sounds adolescent and stroppy in a gloriously suburban punky way.

The Muffs were a pop punk trio who (thanks to Kim’s voice) were instantly recognisable on soundtracks and compilations when their turn on the playlist came around. Their songs never outstayed their welcome or took themselves too seriously. Aurally they’re the equivalent of a kid having a strop in a supermarket. In a really good way.

If you like listening to Sad Tomorrow below, why not look up Funny Face, I’m A Dick, Weird Boy Next Door or Happening if you want to dive deeper?

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