Spin – Eva Plays Dead

One of the best things about my job is when I have to attend a corporate event with presentations and canapes and complimentary drinks, there’s rarely a cheesy covers band. No jobbing musos in suits plinking away at beige lite versions of the pop charts from 30 years ago done as dinner jazz. I hate that shit more than I hate silence.

It was at one of these type of events however that I first heard Eva Plays Dead. We watched the slides and listened to the boss. They gave us all some cold brews and then this band took to the tiny stage.

A UK metal band with a pummeling live show and their collective eyes on the prize. Eva Plays Dead started life in Derbyshire England but have graduated to touring, releasing EP’s, making videos and (this is quite cool) stealing the show from the bands above and below them when they play on festival bills.

Lead singer Tiggy has a huge voice, a witty way with stage banter and the sort of lyrical arsenal that rings of truth, honesty and something to really say. Matt Gascoyne’s guitar is set somewhere between Foo Fighters when they’re channeling their heavier influences and the more titanic metal bands.

Spin is the opener to their latest EP The Fix which dropped last week. It’s the first of five rollicking, riffing cuts that move the bands sound from the Halestorm and rockier rollier references of their previous releases to something a little more like the sound Mastodon were pointing to on Emperor of Sand.

Seb and Zach are the metal bands dream rhythm section. Fast, solid and with a full bag of tricks, they’re heavy like a sack of bricks without Matt and Tiggy’s flair.

This particular track sounds like something Melissa Auf der Maur might have included on her solo work if it were a little smoother and less heavy. But it isn’t. It’s rough and fucking heavy and that’s why it’s great.

I rate these guys. One to watch for all you headbangers out there.

3 thoughts on “Spin – Eva Plays Dead

  1. These kids know what it’s about. That just begs for thrashing. The video didn’t play here in the States, btw. I found the song on SoundCloud. Thanks, man; hope you’re well.

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