Seal The Deal – Volbeat

So my Work Buddy Chris bought us both tickets to see Volbeat one Christmas time. They were the support act to Alter Bridge and while neither of us were hard core fans of AB we both liked them enough and I was a massive fan of what Myles had done with Slash and the Conspirators.

We had a gig a week planned until the end of the year and this one was a huge arena show. I was ‘erring’ a little as I didn’t know Volbeat, but this was Chris’s main reason for wanting to attend. We were working all morning together in a shipping container when he tried to sell me the virtues of the band.

“You don’t know Volbeat? That’s surprising. Volbeat were made for you. Every gig they play they’re like ‘Is he here yet? Did he discover our band today?’ Volbeat are a Danish metal band with crunchy riffs and a tight as arseholes rhythm section. They sound like Rammstein playing classic rock and roll songs with a European Elvis impersonator on vocals in a biker bar.”

When lunch time rolled around he played me Seal The Deal And Let’s Boogie in the work canteen.

So there you have it. Volbeat. Big in Europe. Brilliant everywhere. Made for you. Made for us. Play the track, seal the deal and lets boogie.

7 thoughts on “Seal The Deal – Volbeat

  1. I don’t know much of their stuff, but I got into Seal The Deal & Let’s Boogie a year or so ago on the recommendation from a friend. Mighty fine. And I reckon the description your mate gave is pretty spot on…

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