Toy – Young Fathers

Young Fathers have had a rep for a few years as a band I really ought to listen to. Friends have told me I would love them, Podcasts I listen to have ranked and rated them and their releases, They’ve even played at festivals I’ve attended and somehow I’ve still managed to norse it up and never actually really hear them. I might recognise a bit of tune not knowing it’s them, I can’t be sure.

When the heavily hyped sequel to one of my favourite ever films was slated for last year, it seemed Trainspotting 2 would finally deliver Young Fathers to my ear lobes. They were all over the soundtrack to T2 and the first soundtrack had become a cultural touchstone for a generation (namely MY generation).

There was every possibility that the soundtrack to T2 could be just as vital. Ananananand Yet… I missed the movie at the cinema due to a few hectic weeks and an aborted plan to see it was re-thwarted on more than one occasion by circumstance. Then the mixed opinions came in from those I knew who’d beat me to the Rex. It wasn’t all that. It was flawed. It was a hollow depressing retread or it was fine, but only fine. So no T2. No T2 Soundtrack. Still no real exposure to Young Fathers.

I did settle in to watch the movie on a long haul flight one time. But a dodgy set of headphones and a bad case of flu put me under 20 minutes in. Young Fathers were still out there for me to properly hear even though I’d pictured a sound and pieced together a sense of approval from various sources.

I heard Toy the other day. Their latest single. And on the strength of one track from a band who the whole internet have been raving about for years I have to say ‘This is grade a perfection in lunatic pop music’. The sort of Pop music XTC, Talking Heads, A Tribe Called Quest, The Avalanches and Modest Mouse have made a thing.

It’s rap, it’s indie, it’s hip hop and it’s got ear worms and hooks falling off of it. Toy has literally made my day. This could be their weakest single to date, it could be their biggest hit in waiting. I just wouldn’t know. All I do know is I have this short window of time where all I really understand about them is this bonkers English TV On The Radio jam riddled with a range of silly voices, sharp beats and choruses hiding behind each other is wonderful. Wonderful the way The Buggles or The Beastie Boys were wonderful the first time you heard them. I mean it’s got a Rubber Biscuit throwback in it and yet it sounds entirely 2018. These guys know their stuff.

Come to Daddy.

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